Capacity Providers
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This site is aimed at generators who already have capacity agreements or are looking to participate in EMR Settlement Services.  Within this area you should be able to access all of the relevant materials, newsletters and information relevant to your needs.

From this page you can access supporting information about the following ESC processes:

- Credit Cover requirements for Capacity Auction applicants

- Meter Verification requirements for certain types of Capacity Providers

- Background on the Capacity Market levies, which funds capacity payments to generators.

- Settlement Costs levy

 Please use the quick links below to navigate across other parts of the site. You can also give us feedback directly at if you would like to find more out about what we do.

Relevant Links

For more information on the Capacity Market, please see below:

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Workshop Discussion Summary: Joint DECC, Ofgem, National Grid, ESC Event Capacity Market Stakeholder Event

Feb. 17, 2016

On 7 January 2016 Electricity Settlements Company participated in a joint event with DECC, Ofgem and National Grid to hear from stakeholders.

EMRS - Updated Working Practice Documents

Dec. 04, 2015

We'd like to inform Suppliers, Capacity Providers and CFD Generators that EMRS have updated a number of Working Practice documents