Credit Cover Process


Credit Cover Process

Capacity Market applicants will receive a notice from the Delivery Body on Pre-qualification Results Day, confirming in some cases that Pre-qualification of their Capacity Market Unit(s) is conditional on providing Credit Cover. These applicants must lodge Credit Cover with the Settlement Body (the Electricity Settlements Company), to participate in the Capacity Market Auction. The Capacity Market Settlement Services Provider is managing the lodging process on behalf of the Electricity Settlements Company.

In order to lodge Credit Cover, applicants must complete the following tasks within 5 working days of Pre-qualification Results Day and ensure that all submissions are received on time:

  • Lodge Credit Cover in the form of cash or Letter of Credit (or combination of both)

  • Send completed Applicant Information Form

  • Send letter establishing the Nominated Contact

The Capacity Market Settlement Services Provider has published a Working Practice – Applicant Credit Cover Process to provide Applicants with the necessary information on how to lodge Credit Cover. This is available on the EMR Settlement website within the Publication section, called 'Working Practice'; click here.


Queries about Credit Cover

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Who do I contact?

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CM Settlement Services Provider

They will support you with all queries relating to the Applicant Credit Cover process.


The latest EMR Circulars are issued by the Capacity Market Settlement Services Provider, and provide further information on the Applicant Credit Cover Process. Click here for full details.

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