Thermal Commissioning Guidance

(pdf 176.89 KB)
Nov. 21, 2017

LCCC Thermal Commissioning Guidance - 80% of Installed Capacity

Wind Commissioning Guidance

(pdf 92.69 KB)
Oct. 31, 2017

LCCC Wind Commissioning Guidance - 80% of Installed Capacity

LCCC Facility Description Guidance

(pdf 277.62 KB)
Aug. 04, 2017

LCCC Facility Description Guidance

LCCC Milestone Requirement Guidance

(pdf 204.77 KB)
Aug. 04, 2017

LCCC Milestone Requirement Guidance

Contract Production Key Dates Letter - 11 September 2017

(pdf 647.29 KB)
Jul. 28, 2017

This is a draft of the letter that will be sent to Generators on the day of the CFD Notification, for CFD Allocation Round 2. It has provisionally been dated 11 September 2017 with all subsequent dates assuming the CFD Notification is issued on that date as per the Implementation Plan.

Revised Guidance on Green Excluded Electricity (GEE)

(pdf 446.43 KB)
Jun. 09, 2017

LCCC have published revised guidance on Green Excluded Electricity (GEE), this document sets out how LCCC will administer applications from electricity suppliers seeking a determination that an amount of electricity they have supplied in Great Britain (GB) is ‘green excluded electricity’.

LCCC Start Date Guidance

(pdf 647.82 KB)
Apr. 07, 2017

Guidance on Start Dates

LCCC Guidance on EII Excluded Electricity

(pdf 462.88 KB)
Mar. 28, 2017

LCCC Guidance on EII Excluded Electricity "relevant arrangements".

Minor and Necessary Guidance - Allocation Round 2

(pdf 637.71 KB)
Mar. 15, 2017

LCCC has published the Minor and Necessary Guidance for Allocation Round 2.

Installed Capacity Guidance

Jan. 02, 2017

For Installed Capacity Guidance, please click here